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Abilene Home Away From Home is a private, non-profit organization created to assist first-term Airmen at Dyess Air Force Base just out of basic training.  It pairs young service members with Abilene host families to introduce them to the local area and help alleviate the anxiety of being far from home.  These community sponsors provide them a welcoming place to relax and offer opportunities to learn more about West Texas and have fun away from the stress and day-to-day requirements of life in the Air Force. The ultimate goal of Abilene Home Away From Home is to provide all eligible, first-term Airmen with a “home away from home.”

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Becoming a Host Family

Becoming a host family can be a very rewarding experience, introducing you to a unique perspective of the Air Force that few civilians will ever experience.  We ask that you commit to hosting a minimum of two Airmen for as long as they are assigned to the dormitories, normally 1-3 years.  Furthermore, we ask you to do something with your assigned Airmen once a month -- this could be as simple as going to a movie or event together, meeting for dinner, or having them over to your house.  Basically, just show them some West Texas hospitality!


To apply to become a Home Away From Home host family, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out an online application by clicking HERE.

  2. Read and sign a liability waiver, found by clicking HERE.

  3. Once we receive your application and waiver, we will conduct a background check on every adult in your household.

  4. After we review your background check, we will match you with an available Airmen and send you instructions on how to contact them.

  5. While waiting to be matched to your Airmen, please review our Resources page for additional information.

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